Taking great care of people on specialty therapy

Providing the clinical care and support needed to manage complex medication therapy.

Information at your fingertips

With WellConnect, we text you updates, tips and resources personalized for you.

Pharmacists available for questions and support

It’s easy to connect with your pharmacy care team from the comfort of your home.


WellDyne Specialty Pharmacy delivers special, personalized care.


WellDyne Specialty Pharmacy recognizes that people taking specialty medication require special, personalized care. We are a pharmacy that delivers specialized medications right to your door, answers your questions and supports the treatment plan your physician has developed. The WellDyne Specialty Pharmacy team brings a deep passion and commitment to our patients’ well-being as we work to deliver the highest quality products and services.

Once you are enrolled with WellDyne Specialty Pharmacy, you will be assigned a Patient Care Advocate who is familiar with your condition and available to answer questions you may have. Our team is here to give you the help you need to understand your mediation therapy, develop the right medication-taking habits and even help you apply for financial assistance programs that are available to help you pay for your medication. Your Patient Care Advocate will provide you with the support needed to get started on your therapy, schedule prescription refills and successfully manage your ongoing care.

We offer specialized pharmacy care to take great care of patients with complex chronic conditions:

We are committed to providing a high level of support and improving the care of people who require specialty medications.